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Some things Amanda's clients have said about her:

Lisa said, "Our plan is working. I've been following it for a week and I have lost 2 pounds. I am so grateful I found you. I don't even feel deprived. It's incredible."

Becky stated,"Amanda provided wise and compassionate counseling. She was especially helpful to the Livestrong YMCA members (an exercise program directed at cancer survivors and their families). She was appreciated for her communication skills and practicality in supporting recovery with sound nutrition. She worked beautifully with these members and their very complex medical concerns. She also has a broad range of knowledge about medications and their interactions."

Sharon said, "I have lot of food allergies, in conjunction with being an ironman athlete. Amanda has helped me immensely...through the challenges of food allergies combined with participating in an elite sport. I am able to continue to train and compete because of Amanda. Very practical, fits eating to your likes/needs/wants, creative in getting foods in. Amanda is a ROCKSTAR!"

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